Live techno – acoustic and electronic

Project 128 is a live techno band based in Amsterdam: an innovative mash-up of instrumentalists and DJ’s. We explore new sounds and dance grooves, presenting live events as a fresh experience that transcends the boundaries of acoustic and electronic music.

Project 128 has performed at Vredenburg Tivoli, Westerunie, Studio/K, VLLA, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Korzo, Rasa, OT301 and Zaal 100, but also during CityProms Festival in Leeuwarden, InnerSound Festival in Bucharest, Rainy Days Festival in Luxembourg and ADE in Amsterdam.

“When I write music for the band, I imagine the groove that I have never experienced before. When I play my gear on stage, I treat it as a live instrument and interact with other sounds. I believe in perfection and try to find that in every moment of what I write and how we perform!” – Yu Oda (live electronics/DJ)

When I write tracks, I use my intuition by playing around with samples for hours. Then I glue it altogether like a collage…something I already did as a kid when I got my first dual cassette recorder. It’s miles away from anything I have been trained for at the oh so classic Conservatory.” – Pascal Meyer (synthesizer/DJ)

“A couple of years ago I started to develop a new tonal vocabulary for the cello with the use of electronics. It’s been a big investment of time and energy to carefully select the most suitable effectors and mix out some unique sounds but now I feel the time has come to share the outcome. The music of P128 is just the perfect medium to do that.” – Bence Huszar (electric cello)


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